Tax Planning

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Tax planning and strategies are the key to helping you minimize your tax liability. To minimize your tax liability you need a professionally prepared tax plan that should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. We believe that tax preparation and planning is an ongoing process, not just once a year because your personal or business financial situation may change regularly, and tax laws are always changing, which will require periodic adjustments to your tax plan.

Whether you are a business or an individual, we will work with you throughout the year to develop a customized plan with tax-saving strategies that are tailored to your unique situation. We provide personal, one-on-one service and guidance—and offer answers to your important tax-related questions in language you understand.

We make it a priority to stay up-to-date on ever-changing tax laws and are committed to examining all the tax-saving opportunities available to you. We work to maximize your deductions and minimize your tax obligation while remaining in full compliance with IRS statutes.

Our Services

  • Interview. We start with a brief interview to help us understand your individual tax needs.
  • Questionnaire. We will complete a brief tax questionnaire, this will outline your financial, business and investment positions, cash flow and goals. We will also review information from your previous year tax returns and each business entity that you currently own.
  • Research. We analyze your information and develop a comprehensive tax strategy based on the Federal & State tax codes.
  • Write Up. Once your tax plan is complete you’ll receive a full write-up of your customized strategy along with informative tax deductions and loopholes that were identified during our interview, questionnaire and research phases.
  • Follow Up. We conduct a follow-up tax planning session every year with our clients. As your income, business and investments grow we will make sure your tax plan grows with you.

Advantages of Tax Planning

Maximize your personal & business tax deductions.

Make the most of your business & personal income.

Safe guard your income from lost revenue or over taxation.

Understand tax loopholes and how to benefit from them.


Call us for a no-charge initial consultation. We will discuss your financial and tax situation and determine how we can help you. Ask about our FREE W-4 Analysis.


Tax Planning Can Help You Answer . . .

  •  Do I benefit from a Roth IRA contribution or Roth IRA conversion?
  •  Should I finance or pay cash for a major purchase?
  •  Should I refinance my mortgage?
  •  Should I pay off my mortgage?
  •  How can I arrange to pay tuition for my children while also saving for retirement?
  •  Do I really benefit from a tax-free bond?
  •  Do I have to pay to on a tax-free bond?
  •  What is the most probable tax rate at retirement?
  •  How much do my medical costs, mortgage interest, charity or other deductions lower my taxes?
  •  What is the tax cost of a sale of stock, a cabin, a rental, redeeming an annuity or any other source of income?
  •  How much tax should I withhold from wages, retirement plan distributions or inheritances?
  •  How can I receive more benefits from my charitable giving?
  •  Does tax deferral really save money, or is it actually costing me more money?
  •  What portion of my accumulated retirement plans will be consumed by income taxes?
  •  How can I prevent my heirs from making inadvertent errors leaving the IRS the largest beneficiary of my estate?
  •  What business structure should I choose for my business?
  •  How can I benefit from the Home Office Deduction?
  •  Should I sell my home?